2014 Icelandic Lambs
March 18. Martha started out our Icelandic lambing
season by having a matching set of white ewe lambs out
Skrauti. They each weighed 5 1/2 lbs. What a great
start for our Icelandic girls! The lambs are shown at left
as newborns and above at 3 days of age.
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March 21. Belle had her first set of lambs all up, cleaned, and nursed
when I went out to check on the ewes mid-morning
(early morning found
Leicester ewe Hannah with her twin ewes
). Belle has a white ram and a white
ewe lamb out of
March 21. Beautiful Elsie had a gorgeous set of twins today, a ram (10 1/2
lbs.) and a ewe (7 lbs.). Their sire is
Majyk. She did a great job with them and
it's fun to have the spots!
March 25. A beautiful set of twins out of
Baby today. A black ewe lamb and a black
badgerface ram out of
Valur. Classic,
textbook lambing -- good job Baby girl!
March 29. Lola had a pretty set of twin rams out of the Visirson this morning. They were up
and going at first light and doing great!
March 30. Another first morning birthing and Olivia delivered a white ram and a
grey ewe lamb out of
March 30. Landry had twins this
morning, a lovely white ewe lamb and
unfortunately, a stillborn ram lamb. I'll
never figure out in all the years I raise
sheep, why some just aren't meant to
be... The sire is the