March 28th.  Our lovely Sis had the first
Icelandic lamb of 2015. Her daughter is out
of Ragnarson. This lamb stays in the flock
because she represents three of our very
best ewe lines from our flock history of 16
years: Patsy Montana, Gwendolyn and
April 4th.  Beautiful Lily had a perfect lambing today. Lambs were up and bouncing
and as lively as Icelandic lambs usually are (at least if they aren't too big for mama to
have easily!) There is a white ram and a black/grey ewe out of Ragnarson.
April 3rd. Gorgeous Elizabeth had twin ewe lambs this evening. Picture perfect, made to order birthing and lambs
hitting the ground running, as Icelandic lambs are known to do when all goes well. Their sire is Ragnarson.
April 5th. Easter morning we woke to
snow and
Elsie's new twins out of
Ragnarson. There is a black/grey ewe
and a black/grey ram. Both are sturdy,
solid, lively and beautiful!
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