February 25th.
Our lovely and friendly Teeswater ewe,
Isis delivered twins in the early morning
hours while it was -5 degrees. This
gorgeous and vigorous ram lamb was up
and dry and well fed. Unfortunately the
ewe lamb was already frozen. But we are
grateful for this healthy ram. Isis is an
attentive and gentle momma. The sire of
the lamb is Edward.
February 25th.
Kitty Stone delivered her first ever lambs (conceived via LAP AI)
today. While she had no trouble with getting all three lambs out
easily, she apparently decided she wasn't ready for the
responsibilities of motherhood. And because the late February
temperatures here were unseasonably cold (-10 today), there was
not enough time for me to leave the lambs in the barn and work
with her on bonding issues. So we are raising the lambs as bottle
lambs. There are two ewes and one ram. Their sire is Grey Green
Star. The lambs are just gorgeous and healthy and growing well.
They will end up being our pup, Sadie Bell's own little flock as we
raise her to be a good guard dog like her mama Bella. At night
Sadie Bell sleeps in a wire crate inside the 4x5 ft. wooden box
that we have bedded down with straw for the lambs. This way they
have room to move around in a more natural environment until it
warms up enough to put them out in the barn. Because they are
all still babies, I don't let her with them unsupervised, of course.
May 19th
Tuppence had
originally been AI bred,
but there were no
lambs from that. So we
put her with Edward in
early January and she
surprised with triplets
today! There are two
ewe lambs and one ram.