The puppies are beginning to go to
their own homes. We are down to
just 4 pups left right now and in
another week or so, we will have
just our little Sadie Belle that we
are keeping. At the bottom of the
page you can see Sadie with her
own 'starter flock' of sheep. We are
bottle feeding a set of triplet AI
Teeswater lambs so as soon as it
is warm enough in the barn, Sadie
will sleep in her crate at night with
her lambs in the barn area with
her. For now, she and one of the
other boys are sleeping in the crate
that is inside the lambs' box.
The pups are able to spend more
time outside in the snow and today
it was in the mid 20s and so I put
them in the back yard to socialize
with our Icelandic sheepdogs.
Koltryna and Bjarki especially love
puppies and they played for about
1 1/2 hours before I put them back
to the studio for a nap.
Puppies at 8 weeks