March 28th. The first Icelandic lambs of
the season are out of our dear Martha. She
produced twin ewe lambs yet again this year.
I noticed she was in labor amongst the rest
of the ewes in the barn avoiding the driving
rain and wind. So I went over to a lambing
pen, opened it and asked her if she wanted
some privacy. She walked right in and I shut
the gate. I went in the house to check on
something else, and when I came out 30
minutes later, this is how I found her! The
sire of the lambs is our AI Guffison.
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April 6th. Spring is taking a long time to
come this year, and the ewes are putting
lambing on hold! But this morning Sis had a
lovely white ewe lamb in the barn, nice and
dry and warm. The sire is our AI Throtturson.
April 11th. Charlotte had her twins
up and running around before
daybreak. Healthy and beautiful ram
lambs, a black mouflon and a white.
Their sire is my ram
April 11th. Tucked in a quiet and dry corner
of the barn was our sweet Elsie and a single
ram lamb this year out of the Thotturson. He
is a very nicely built, wide backed and sturdy
ram; a nice blend of his genetics.
April 11th. First time mom, Hope delivered
a sweet solid black ewe lamb in the
sunshine this afternoon. The sire is Guffison.
Hope is a great first time mom and all was
easy for all of us!
April 11th. Stefania had triplets this
afternoon, but the little ewe lamb was
half the size of the two rams and was
not viable. She's a wonderful mom,
so patient for her young ones to be
able to nurse. The epitome of the
perfect Icelandic ewe.
The lambs' sire is
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