April 12th. Yesterday Lola was hanging
out in the barn a lot, so I suspected she was
getting ready to deliver her lambs. This
morning she had them up and cleaned off
and nursing. She has a solid black ram and
ewe lamb out of Guffison.
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April 12th. I just love the
badgerface pattern and am delighted
that Brynhildur had twin badgerface
ewe lambs from Guffison this
afternoon. Of course she delivered
them in the dirt outside, rather than
in one of the clean barns with nice
deep straw all ready for labor and
delivery. But at least she followed me
with the lambs right into the barn so I
could get them out of the muck!
April 13th. Yrsa was busy in the
barn, out of the wind and mud of the
barnyard calmly tending to her new
twins around noon today. She has a
ewe and a ram lamb. Their sire is
April 14th. Polly delivered her first
lamb, a del
ightful little grey moorit ewe
out of the Throtturson some time in the
wee morning hours.
April 14th. Baby had her twin lambs already delivered in the barn, safe and dry. I had a hard time
photographing them because they were always underneath her nursing! There is a badgerface ewe and
a black ram lamb. They are out of the Drifandison.
April 14th. Elizabeth surprised me this
morning with triplet ram lambs out of the
Throtturson. There is a moorit/grey, a
black/grey and a white ram. They are all so
healthy that she can't keep them gathered
together; the black one is quite the explorer,
following me around the barn!
April 14th. Along with a new lamb being
born, we also celebrate the "birth" of new
mamas. Bianca II, delivered a lively and very
well built ewe lamb today. The sire is the
Drifandison. She's a fabulous first time mom.
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