April 15
LF675 "Blesa" had a lovely set of ewe lambs,
very bouncy and identical -- thank goodness
for the availability of small ear tags!
2017 Icelandic Lambs
All lambs out of Throtturson
April 14
LF690 "Polly" had a black/grey ram and a
white ewe lamb.
April 18
After triplet rams last year, Elizabeth took it easy with a
nice single ram lamb. He was napping in this photo and
she did not want me to wake him up! Of great interest is
that her daughter Lizzy (below) was also in the barn this
same morning with her first lamb!

Like Mother, like Daughter.
April 18
A gorgeous moorit/grey mouflon ram lamb from Lizzy this
year, her first lambing season. Text book perfect
. He is
shown at right at about 2 weeks of age
More lambs...
April 19
Another lovely pair of twins from Lola this year, one a ram, the other a ewe.
NOTE: See addendun regarding
Elizabeth's 2017 lambing record on
next page!