April 22.
Rebecca had twins, but the ewe lamb was
not viable. She is shown here with her white
ram lamb. She is an excellent first time mom,
fiercely protective of her lamb. (Our shearer
left a lot of "felt" on the sheep this spring, so
Rebecca looks pretty "ratty" right now)
April 22. Ok, Elizabeth takes the prize for the MOST suprising and most amazing ewe I have had the
privilege of shepherding in the 18 years we've raised sheep. If you check back on the last page, you
will see that Elizabeth lambed on April 18th, producing a white ram lamb. While I was in England,
Daryl posted to me a photograph of Elizabeth on April 22nd delivering a white ewe lamb in the
morning. THEN, he posted that she delivered another ewe lamb about 8 hours later. When I was able
to get a phone call through to him, I insisted he did not know what he was talking about, because she
had already lambed when I was still home on the 18th. Well, go figure... she did have her FIRST lamb
on April 18th; she had the 2nd lamb on April 22, five days later: a ewe lamb. Eight hours later, she had
a 3rd lamb, another ewe. Daryl had to go out and find the first lamb, who was wandering around
outside the barn all day without his mother, who had been penned up by my husband that morning as
she was having his sisters! She immediately took her ram back, and he was grateful to be able to eat
again. What an amazing ewe!! She is shown above with the "triplets" at basically 1 - 1 1/2 weeks of
age. All chunky and healthy!
April 23. Elsie delivered her white
ram and black/grey ewe lamb today.
As always, no assistance needed
with this awesome mom.
April 26. Twins for Mary this year. One
ram and one ewe.
Healthy and well
April 27. Another set of twins for our consistent Martha. This year a ram and a ewe,
both gorgeous as always!
More lambs...