June 9, 2004 - our Icelandic sheepdog, Belle had her first litter of puppies. She labored and delivered all SIX completely unassisted, beginning about 6:30 pm and finishing up by 11pm. On this page are the three female puppies, shown at about 12 hours old. The father of the litter is our own Gloi, so the puppies will carry chocolate.

The female pup at left (below) was the first one born, and weighed 9 oz. The other two females weighed 11 and 12 oz. The males weighed 11, 11 and 11.5 oz.

To see the males of the litter
click here.
The two females on the top and left have double dewclaws on both rear feet. The puppy above seems to have just one double dewclaw on one foot, although it's a little hard to tell. I will keep an eye to see if that other foot developes the split, double dewclaw.