Congratulations toLavandels Galdur
and his owner, Judi Vittitoe --

Galdur took
Best of Breed (out of 27 dogs competing) at the
2007 NISC Fun Match in Sequim, Washington

The AKC Judge of the events that day was Richard Byrd.

Galdur is shown below in a photo taken by Donna McDermott. Thank you
Donna for sharing the information and photos with me. At right, Galdur is
shown as a puppy - he was out of our very first litter sired by
Hofshesta Gloi.
In addition to this lovely affirmation, Galdur has also received his AKC CGC
(Canine Good Citizen) certificate.
In addition to Best of Breed,
Lavandels Galdur took 1st Place
Dogs (out of 10)
and his 1/2 brother (also sired by Hofshesta Gloi - see photos below)
Lavandels Loki took 4th place.

Donna told me "Judge Pat Putman was at the event. She worked for Mark
Watson as a girl. She LOVED your Lavandels Loki (as did I). She said he
was 'spectacular in type and structure.'" Donna tells me that this is high
praise indeed. I only wish I had been there to cheer my boys on! Below is a
photo of Lavandels Loki that Jann Ibsen (Loki's "mom") sent me. He sure
is a beauty. At right is a one of my favorite puppy photos - Loki meeting a
baby chick.
In April 2007 Loki received his AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
Jann also sent me a photo of Loki's full brother, Lavandel's Benedict (at
right), who was also at the event with his "mom" Cheryl Shelton. Below is
one of Benni's puppy photos.
As of July 2008, the Icelandic sheepdog was able to
participate in the
AKC Miscellaneous class ring. At
the very first event to feature Icelandic sheepdogs
(Spokane, WA) Lavandels Loki took 2nd place and
Lavandels Galdur took 4th place on Saturday, July
5th. On Sunday July 6th, Lavandels Galdur took
of Breed
As of July 2010, the Icelandic sheepdog became fully accepted into the AKC
and was then eligible to compete in conformation.
October 2010 -- Galdur has now finished his
second leg for the
AHBA HCT (Herding
Capability Test - similar to AKC HT).

Galdur finished his
AKC championship at
Helena, MT.
AKC CH Galdur is shown at left at Mt. Vernon
Galdur received and invitation to, and attended the
2010 AKC Eukanuba in Long Beach, CA, as did
AKC CH Lavandels Kyssa.