White horned ewe (twin)
Lambing record: 217+%
Blanche has an amazing build - she is deep and wide and long. Even better - she
also produces a gorgeous, silky fleece each fall that is always of good enough
quality that it can be made into roving or yarn - even after nursing twins all
summer. She always lambs unassisted and raises huge lambs. In 2006 she was 9
years old and produced a gorgeous, fast growing set of twins for us. As she went
into her 10th year, she was getting arthritic in her back legs/hips but she was still
strong and as wonderful as ever. A real treasure, we hope to always keep at least a
couple of her daughters or grands in the flock in order to assure that we don't lose
this line.
Blanche's incredible son,
Ragnar, was in our ram group until he passed away.
Blanche passed away on April 27th, 2010 at the age of 13.
She is very much missed and will always be remembered through her son, her
daughters and grands and greatgrands who have graced our flock.
Blanche is shown below left  in February 2008 (age 11)
with her 2007 daughter, Pearl. Below right she is shown in
summer 2008 with her lamb, M'Dear.
LF340W "Elsie"
Black & white spotted horned single
Tuli & Visir AI lines
Lambing record: 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2
This wonderful ewe is a granddaughter of our dear
Blanche (out of her daughter Pearl).
Her sire is an AI Visirson.
For her 2016 lambs, Elsie
is being bred to the Throtturson.
Update: Elsie lambed on April 23rd