Felting is a timeless craft that has found renewed interest with artists and craftspeople alike. Icelandic Wool is world
reknown and it's felting abilities make it the perfect wool for all felting applications.We offer
felting batts which come in
all the natural colors of our sheep: white, black, grey, moorit (brown) and champagne.
email for availability. Felting batts are $35 each. (approx. 1 lb of wool and about 32"x24" in width &
length and 2-3" deep)
Now offering 4 oz.
ArtBatts made in particular for felting looms, but also will wet felt beautifully. Especially useful for
clothing designers. Natural colored batts are $12 each and blends or dyed batts are $15 each.

We also carry our own
Icelandic yarns spun by Stonehedge Fiber Mill.
Click here to see a "wet felting" tutorial showing children easily felting Icelandic wool
Shown at right  is my daughter Mikaela modeling one of
the knitted/felted hats that I make. I always have some hats
available for sale (as well as handmade felted purses and
tote bags). Please
inquire about colors and sizes
currently in stock. I can also do custom orders. Hats are $45
and $55.
A Satisfied Customer's Testimony to the
Wonderful Qualities of Icelandic Wool for Felting:

Start shearing now...I'm hooked on your Icelandic
wool! Wow! This stuff felts like a dream...way, way,
WAY easier than the Romney I used on the first two
hats! ...I really can't believe how much easier this is
to felt. I laid out the batts last night and was just
going to get started, then work on it the next couple
of days...but in a couple short hours last night I had it
felted tighter and firmer than the two hats I have
done! I think one more short session of wringing and
rolling and it will be ready for final shaping already!
That's less than a quarter of the time taken by the
Romney wool!"

Pictured above left is Wanda's first hat felted from
Icelandic wool. Note how stiff the brim is for its
width - a characteristic possible
without using
when felting with Icelandic wool. Photo
courtesy of Wanda Tate.

At right is a felted Icelandic fedora by
Rita Collins.
Kay Petal makes awesome felt
sculptures from our Icelandic
wool.Visit her website at
For Michigan made hat forms, visit hatshapers.com
Meet "Caleb" and his lovely sister "Lavinia" - beautiful jointed bears
made from our Icelandic wool! Artist
Joan Salomon writes "At
your invitation I am sending a couple of pictures of my newest
teddy bears, Caleb & Lavinia, needle felted with your
amazingly wonderful Icelandic batts. Thank you. Except for
the features, they are made entirely with your wool. I just
loved working with your wool. It felts like a dream and is such
a high quality,clean and beautifully presented. Believe me, not
all batts come the way yours do! Thank you
again."                                                                 Regards, Joan
Check out Steph Allosso's felting blog -- Steph uses our
Icelandic wool for felting her wonderful art.