Our first horse - a 13h (+) mare named
"Pepper" joined the family in January
of 2006.
Pepper is the perfect first horse
for the children as she is very child-safe -
she's loving, sweet, gentle, friendly and
The girls learned to ride on an Icelandic horse and
then in the summer of 2007, Skessa, a beautiful yellow dun
Icelandic mare joined the farm.
Below is Papa with the girls. In the spring and summer of 2006 Papa and Daryl built a horse barn and added fencing
in the new acreage we've just added to the farm, so the horses and the sheep will have plenty of new summer
pastures. In the winter of 2006, we also added a miniature donkey to the farm.
Visit this page to meet "Suzette" the
miniature donkey.
And now meet Skessa!