Ginger (a.k.a. Chisick Farms Lisa) delivered her first litter of puppies on August 14th. The father of this litter is Hofshesta Gloi, our male dog. The first puppy came breech and was larger, so I had to assist her with that one. After that the rest were delivered easily by Ginger unassisted, within a two hour time frame. She's a wonderful mom, very attentive and gentle and the puppies have been nursing well. Below you will see each "newborn" photo and description. All of the puppies have double dew claws on their rear legs.
Puppy number one (left) is a male; he weighed 11.5 oz.
Puppy number 2 is also male; he weighed 10.5 oz.
Male puppy number 3 (left) weighed 11 oz. The 4th puppy (below) was finally (!) female and weighed 11 oz.
And below was female #2 (puppy number five), who was born last and weighed 10 oz.
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