The beginning of a love affair - with the Icelandic horse
We've previously been smitten by Icelandic sheep and then the Icelandic sheepdog...and even added Icelandic chickens to the farm, ...well, now we
are equally enamoured of the Icelandic horse - and what farm family with two little girls can resist letting their children have a horse? We are
fortunate to have found Icelandic horses within an hour of our farm. Marci Stacy of
Afangi Icelandics in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan has generously
and patiently been working with our daughters Mikaela and Fiona, teaching them about horse care, how to ride, and how wonderful and unique
Icelandic horses are. Follow the pages here to learn along with the girls (and Daryl and I) as we fall in love with Icelandic horses. To contact
Afangi Icelandics, please email Marci at
Meet Skessa - click here

To view some amazing videos of Icelandic horses in Iceland please visit Hestablog.
At right is Garpur, a gelding at
Afangi who was imported directly
from Iceland. Garpur absolutely
adores children and he would stand
for hours to let the children groom

The girls have been learning to ride
on both Garpur and
This is only the 2nd time that Mikaela has ridden a horse
by herself. She's already gained a great deal of confidence
and with our mentor's help, and a good horse, we hope
she is just beginning a lifetime love affair with horses and
For more horse photos, click here