Things seem to happen for a

a little girl's prayers for a horse - her
parents' desire to raise their
daughters in a farm environment
with the best that can offer...

...and certain people who come into
their lives bringing with them
wonderful animals to fulfill those
little girls' dreams....

thank you to Amy Clear and Marci
Stacy for recognizing that Skessa
would be a horse adored by and
adoring of two little girls ....
Introducing Skessa
Skessa is a yellow dun Icelandic mare - and an absolutely beautiful horse. She arrived on the farm Feb. 10 of 2006 (coming from
North Carolina) and immediately settled in with her new friend Pepper. Skessa was apparently destined to be part of our family.
She'll be spending the next few months at Afangi farm and will be there for the girls' riding lessons as they hone their skills before
bringing the Skessa back home. And in the meantime we are in the process of building the horse barn and riding arena here at the farm.
We feel incredibly - triply - blessed to have found two horses for our family that are both very child safe (indeed bomb proof) and
kind horses. With the children growing up so fast, it was time to make the commitment to giving them the chance to develop lifelong
skills and love of horses that will enrich their childhood, help them through the teen years, and hopefully provide them with an
appreciation for the farm and animals their entire life. We feel that Icelandic horses are not only a natural choice for our family
(because of our love of the Icelandic sheep and sheepdogs), but are perfect because of their size and temperament. They are big
enough for mom and dad to ride (and that smooth gaited tolt is something very appreciated by adults!) - but small enough that
nobody is intimidated by them. They are intelligent enough to teach their riders how to learn, at whatever level the rider is at - and
they love and thrive on interaction with humans.