Leicester Longwool Sheep
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Handwoven Rugs
from my Leicester fleeces --
or from your fleece!
The New Leicester, is the most valuable of the long-woolled sheep ... the New Leicester is without a rival -
in fact he has improved, if he has not given the principal value to all the other long-woolled sheep."
                                                                                                       -- William Youatt, 1848
We are proud to be stewards of the
historically significant and critically endangered
Leicester Longwool.
Please visit the links on this page to learn more about the
Leicester Longwool
(also known as English Leicester).
Shepherds are needed to help preserve the
Leicester Longwool - consider adding the breed to your farm
Even if you don't raise sheep, you are a critical component in
the survival of Leicester Longwools through your purchase
and use of products produced from their wool.
For those who like to eat lamb, this breed produces very good
meat as well. Your purchases allow the shepherds to be able to
continue to invest their time, energy and resources, and farm
land - to raising heritage and rare breeds of animals.
Painting by John Fernele, 1823. Subject is Sir John Palmer of Withcote Hall, Leicestershire as
he inspects his New Leicester sheep with shepherd John Green. Source: 200 Years of British
Livestock, Natural History Museum, London