MAJACRAFT spinning wheels are extremely
beautiful and built to last. The Majacraft wheels are the
original double treadle wheels and still the best made
ones. Treadling is smooth and spinning effortless with the
stable bases and versatile, easily changed ratios of these
wheels. Since Majacraft has such a great website,

please visit
to view the wheels and learn more about them.

Little Gem is $1110
is $1335
Suzie Pro
is $1255
is $867

For pricing on other wheels, please email.
One of the things I love about Majacraft wheels is the
simplicity of use and maintenance. To care for a
Majacraft wheel, it is recommended that you:
1) Oil the treadle hinges regularly (monthly) and put a
drop on the outside crank bearing maybe twice a year.
2) Use Vaseline on the flyer shaft to lessen bobbin noise.
3) To cover scratches on the treadles,
try rubbing with linseed oil.
4) Excessive dryness is not good for timber,
so try to keep your wheel away from heat sources
and very dry atmospheres.
5) Treat your wheel with care. Most problems occur with
physical damage from being dropped or knocked about
while being transported.

For prices on accessories, please email or call me at 989.832.4908
and I can mail you a full price list.

I keep at least one floor model (usually the Suzie Pro as it
is my personal favorite) on hand in our studio so if you
are in the area, you are welcome to try one out.