** Please note that the "average" measurement for 5 month old ram lambs in
Iceland is 82.5 for chest and 19.8 for back; cannon bone is 110mm. Average weight
is 98.9 lbs.  Average measurements for Southram horned rams at 1 1/2 years of age
are: 105.2 cm for chest; 25.2cm for back, broad; 117.5mm for cannon bone and
189.6 lbs. in weight.
LF279U "Visirson" a.k.a "No Neck Nick"
AI son of Iceland ram Visir (shown above)
White horned twin (carries grey)
What a gorgeous ram this is. He's had "presence" from
the beginning and we are so pleased with this ram. His
sire, Visir, scored a very good 85.5 with "extraordinary
back muscling and superb loins." Additionally, Visir's
daughters' milk index is an awesome 109, with
prolificacy at 101
(better than average).
It looks like this ram is taking after his sire for build and
he has an incredibly fine and silky fleece. He is shown
at left at 3 1/2 years of age
(below at 2 1/2). I'm also
pleased that he has such a great hornset. He just gets
better and better - he has a massive wide and short neck
that transitions so smoothly into his shoulders that I
have nicknamed him "No Neck Nick."
We made a hard decision summer of 2014 and let Nick
move onto another productive Icelandic sheep farm
where he can contribute his great genetics.
We have kept several of his progeny in the flock, so it
was time to let him go while he was still of a productive
condition and age. We miss him though!