LF506Y "Skrauti"
Black/moorit/solid/grey (mosaic) horned twin
AI lines include Noi
Imagine my surprise when my ewe Josephima delivered this colorful ram lamb! He was fast growing and has an incredible fleece thanks
to his Noi genetics. While I am not sure if he can reproduce his so interesting, and rare pattern, he produced a solid black, solid moorit
and a mooritspotted  lamb that had a mantle that was both solid around the neck and turned into grey moorit on the same side that
Skrauti's neck turns grey. He is shown above center at 6 months of age and above right at 18 months.
Skrauti has moved on to another farm but we have kept two of his daughters in the flock.
AI son of Iceland ram Throttur
This really nicely built ram lamb joins the flock August of 2014.
He will add diversity to our ram flock and will complement our ewe lines nicely.
LF 672B "Dempsey"
AI lines include Visir, Kani, Ljori
Black spotted horned twin
This ram looked like a boxer from the minute he was born. And his odd spotting pattern on his nose
always makes him look like he's taken some punches. So I've named him Dempsey after the boxer Jack
Dempsey, who was a favorite of my father, whose own dad was a lightweight boxer in his time.
AI son of Drifandi
Additional AI lines include Khalvar and Laekur
Very muscular and long bodied 2015 ram lamb
promises to be a great flock sire.