Stjornuljosa Rodi (means "Red" in
Icelandic) came directly from Iceland. Rodi was born
late July 2004 and he brings new bloodlines to North
America. Rodi is long haired; below is a photo of his
dam, Fjola.
To view Rodi's pedigree, click here.

UPDATE: Rodi was PennHip scored (for hip laxity) at 2
years of age. His hips were an even .35 each side.
At left is Rodi pictured at about 12 weeks of age,
shortly after arriving at our farm. He was a big puppy
for his age and incredibly gentle and calm. He's very
smart, very willing to please, and already coming when
called and can be taken for a walk without a leash
because he follows so well. We just love this dog!

And because we love him so much, we let our friends
the Littrups take him home. He lives still in Michigan
and we will be able to use him as a stud dog in the
future. Since we have our hands full raising Rosie and
Nora, it was easier for all of us to let Rodi be raised by
the Littrup family.

To see more photos of Rodi with his family, click here.