Spinners Rovings - ahh, the harvest
of those gorgeous long, flowing Icelandic and
Leicester Longwool fleeces! After shearing, I
meticulously pick through each fleece, wash
them myself and then take them to
Heritage Flock Fiber Mill right here in Midland.

Icelandic fleeces are dual coated and that inner,
downy coat (with a spinner's count of 64s and
higher) is soft enough for baby garments.
Separating it from the outer coat (the tog) leaves
a soft loft of down that is the perfect complement
to angora, silk, alpaca, etc.

Leicester Longwool is grown for a year to
take advantage of the luxurious length, crimp and
lustre it is known for.

For Knitters: we now offer gorgeous
worsted weight yarns.
Lavender Fleece Wool
Quality You can Count on!
Spinners' Rovings
Please note: minimum order is 4oz. of one roving type

Icelandic Wool & Blends:
Light Grey ($2.50 oz)
Black Lamb + Alpaca - ($3.50/oz.)
Badgerface (cream) ($2.50 oz)

Leicester Longwool Wool & Blends:
White Lamb ($3.00/oz.)
White Adult ($2.50/oz.)

And for those who don't spin or don't have the time
to spin,check out our 3 ply yarns!

Please email
for the most current list of
colors and blends in stock.

We also offer:
Felting Batts
$35 for white batts
$40 for grey, black and brown batts
(average size of each batt is 13-16 oz., and
dimensions are roughly 24"x 32" x 3" )

Batts "Usually" in stock:
Grey Icelandic
White Icelandic

Charcoal or Grey Leicester Longwool
White Leicester Longwool
Felting with Mikaela & Yael
A felting photo diary of our daughter Mikaela (when she
was 10) and her friend,Yael, making felt from an Icelandic
felting batt. See step by step instructions -- Icelandic felts
up so easy that even children can have a successful
project completed in one afternoon!