Icelandic sheep dogs are extremely intelligent and
affectionate dogs. They should never be kept in kennels, nor should
they be tied out. They need and want to be part of the family. They
are high energy dogs that love to work and play. It's important to
assess your family's lifestyle if you are considering an Icelandic sheep
dog. They are an ideal dog for a farm, large or small. What we like
about our dogs is that they are always eager to work, but not
obsessive about it. If it's time to settle down and relax, they are
happy to do so, especially if their human(s) are around. If you are
considering an Icelandic sheep dog, please do not hesitate to call us or
email for more information about life with these dogs.
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Where is Nora, some are asking? We purchased and raised Sherwood Nora from a pup (see photo above
right). She is a gorgeous long haired, tricolor.  However, upon having her OFA hip x-rays done, it was discovered that she
had hip dysplasia in one hip. Our vets felt this was too inheritable and not wise to do any "breeding up" as that hip could
be passed on in subsequent generations. We made a hard decision - and decided to let Nora go live with our friends Tom
and Holly Marks, which gives us room in our family to raise
Kyssa, who thankfully did have good hips. Nora was one
of those "happy-go-lucky" dogs who did fine transitioning to a new home and she is reveling in being the only dog in the
family, plus she still gets to herd sheep. Whenever we can, we try to place our dogs on sheep farms to preserve this
wonderful trait of the breed.
Winter '05 photos