These Thermohair socks are produced by a cottage industry in
Ontario, Canada. They are made of the finest kid mohair and nylon to
provide you with possibly the most comfortably warm sock you have ever
worn. Not only are they great to wear but they wear great too! They can be
machine washed. I recommend air drying.

heavier $32.00 sock (not shown, available in black, natural and grey) is
taller, and a bit heavier than the anklet - and exceptionally warm. I am always
amazed at the testimonials from friends and customers who try the socks
and tell me it's the first time they've had warm feet in the winter. Here in
mid-Michigan our winters can be especially harsh. I wear this sock with
rubber muck boots for chores and my feet never get cold. I just wish I could
find as warm a glove or mitten! Our hay farmer who is also a dairy farmer,
told me that the first morning he wore these socks was the first time in his
life that he had milked the cows and his feet stayed dry and warm.

The finer
anklet (shown here) retails for $22.00.
I stock the ladies sizes in black, grey and white. This sock I love to wear as a
"slipper" and it fits well in tennis shoes and can be worn year 'round.

I am told that the Thermohair socks work well for people who suffer from
diabetes, keeping feet warm of people who suffer from poor circulation.

Please email me for more information or if you are interested in ordering
these great socks.