Here are some photos of Rosie (a.k.a. Stikla Run) all grown up.
She is such a smart dog. And she has a lovely trick that she can
do - she can find eggs and bring them to me - gently enough that
she does not break them! So I tell her "Rosie go get the eggs"
and she will run in and out of the barn and bring me each egg
and lay it gently on the ground for me. I reward her by breaking
one or two open for her to eat and the rest I take in the house.
Brynhildur tells me that Rosie's mother and grandmother both
were good at fetching eggs, so it must be a heritable trait!
Below are three generations - Stikla Run's dam, Hrifla is on the
left and Stikla Run's daughter Lavandels Lilja is on the far right.
Stikla Run and Lilja are shown at just about the same age
(around 5-6 months)