Kitty Stone
Lambing record: 0 2, 2
Izzy was the first Teeswater ewe that I met and I fell in love with
her gentle personality and her innate curiosity. She seems to
love people and is the first to approach me and visitors, loving to
be petted. Izzy is 90.5%
She is AI bred to Rimington Crusader for her 2016 lambs. They
will be 95.25%.
Update: Izzy had an AI ewe lamb on March 18th.
Her lamb, named Lydia, thinks our Leicester ewe Betsy Ross is her nanny! They are
shown at right.
Lambing record: 0, 3
Kitty Stone is an amazingly built ewe; she has
a majestic bearing and is the largest, longest
and tallest of the adult ewes. Kitty is a credit to
the fine breeding behind her, and is an
inspiration in setting correct body type for any
breed of sheep.
She is bred to Passport for her 2016
lambs.They will be 90.15%.
She is 83.5%.
Update: Kitty had twin rams lambs March 30th.
Lambing record: 0, 2, 3
Tuppence is very calm and was an amazing
mother of her 2015 triplets.
She is bred to Passport this year and her
lambs will be 93.65%
She is 90.5%.
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