Weighing Sheep
In the fall of 2003 we were finally set up to weigh all of
our flock. We used a pulley system and a hanging scale and
weighed each of the sheep on October 18th. I had been
monitoring lamb weights all summer using a step on scale
and holding them, but had never before known what the
actual weights of the adults were. Our focus has been on
making sure that our lambs had a good rate of growth and
we believe that they have done well for us. But without
monitoring the actual weights, it's difficult to know exactly
how much these sheep weigh, especially in full fleece,
which hides body condition. I will report weights here with
notations of whether there are AI bloodlines
(from rams in
if they are lambs I will note whether they were
singles, twins or triplets; and for ewes, note what they had
been nursing over the summer. Note that ewe weights going
into fall are usually at their lowest point, after they have
been lactating all summer. Please note that our sheep
no grain. They have free choice hay and pasture
Also, note that leadersheep are traditionally more fine
boned, so their weights for the most part will be lighter.
Ram Weights:
3 year old:; 168 lbs. (Helison)
2 year old: 145 lbs. (Biskupson - leaderram)
1 year old:150 lbs. (Flottison)
1 year old: 145 lbs. (1/4 Peli)
1 year old: 125 lbs. (Presturson - leaderram)
6 month old: 125 lbs. (1/4 Ari; 1/4 Biskup - leaderram, single)
6 month old: 90 lbs. (twin)
6 month old: 90 lbs. (twin)
Adult Ewes:
9 year old: 155 lbs. (Blesa daughter - leaderewe; 200% lamber; had twins this season also)
5 year old:175 lbs. (217% lamber; had twins this season)
4 year old: 175 lbs. (Noi daughter; had twins)
4 year old:165 lbs. (twins)
4 year old: 155 lbs. (Moli daughter; had twins)
3 year old: 140 lbs. (Ari daughter - leader ewe; had triplets)
3 year old:120 lbs. (Ari daughter - leader ewe, huge single that weighed 125 lbs. at 6 months)
2 year old: 160 lbs. (Hunn daughter; lost lamb at birth)
2 year old: 135 lbs. (had twins, first lambing season)
2 year old: 135 lbs.  (large single, first lambing season)
2 year old: 110 lbs. (1/4 Dropi, had twins, singled as yearling)

Yearling Ewes:
140 lbs.
130 lbs.
125 lbs. (3 leaderlines)
125 lbs. (1/4 Peli; 1/4 Ari)
125 lbs. (had huge single)
125 lbs. (had huge single)
120 lbs. (Blesa daughter from Blesa's 12th  lambing season)
115 lbs. (1/4 Ari; 1/8 Moli; had large twins)

Ewe Lambs:
90 lbs. (twin)
90 lbs. (twin)
85 lbs. (twn)
80 lbs. (twin)
80 lbs. (twin)
80 lbs. (triplet)
75 lbs. (twin to 9 year old ewe)
68 lbs. (late single born to yearling)
Pictured above is a 150 lb. yearling ram, the AI son of
Click here to see him in full fleece.